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Inspired by the stories and ideas of great entrepreneurs, I help organizations with their corporate branding, product-, websites and other designs. Together with the best partners (printers, app developers etc.) Kijk Design provides full-service solutions.

What We Do

Some ideas of what we can do for you.

Corporate Identity

The qualities of a company that make it different from other companies, and the images, words, etc. that it uses to make itself familiar to its customers.


A design or symbol that expresses the company's character and purpose and makes it easy for customers to recognize and remember the company.


The activity of connecting a product with a particular name, symbol, etc. or with particular features or ideas, in order to make people recognize and want to buy it.

Busines Cards

Small card that has your name, company name, and the job you do printed on it.


Business activity that involves finding out what customers want, using that information to design products and services, and selling them effectively.


Type of small magazine that contains pictures and information on a product or a company.


Small piece of paper with information on it about a product or event.


Large printed picture, photograph, or notice that you stick or pin to a wall or board, usually for decoration or to advertise something.


A picture or diagram or a group of pictures or diagrams showing or explaining information.


Talk to a group in which information about a new product, plan, etc. is presented.

Editorial Design

The design of a statement in a newspaper or magazine, or on internet or television, that expresses the opinion of the editors or owners on a subject of particular interest.


Picture in a book, magazine, etc. that explains or proves something


Listing, with explanations or pictures, of items offered for sale, of items that are available for use, or of objects described for a scientific purpose.

Product Photo Editing

To make changes to a photo or image, deciding what will be adjusted, removed and what will be kept in, in order to prepare it for being printed or shown.

Social Media

Forms of media that allow people to communicate and share information using the internet or mobile phones.

UX Design

User Experience Design is the process of enhancing user satisfaction with a product by improving the usability, accessibility, and pleasure provided in the interaction with the product.


Set of pages of information on the internet about a particular subject, published by a single person or organization.


Electronic commerce which allows consumers to directly buy goods or services from a seller over the Internet using a web browser or mobile app.


Document with information about the recent activities of an organization, sent regularly to its members or customers.

Creative Strategy

Explains how the advertising campaign will meet the advertising objectives of the business.


The activity of making people more aware of your products and increasing sales through advertising, special displays or events, etc.


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